After the success of Vietnam IPv6 events in previous years, and in order to expand the promotion of IPv6 deployment, the Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force continues to host the IPv6 events of 2016, including a training course on IPv6 for LTE mobile and the conference "NATIONAL IPv6 ACTION PLAN - PROVIDING IPv6 SERVICES TOGETHER" in Hanoi on Vietnam IPv6 Day, May 6th 2016.

Within the event program, the IPv6 course "IPv6 DEPLOYMENT FOR LTE NETWORK" will be organized from April 26th to April 29th 2016, with the participation of technicians and engineers from ISPs and mobile service providers, with the purpose of improve the professional knowledge about IPv6 application for LTE networks.

The conference "NATIONAL IPv6 ACTION PLAN - PROVIDING IPv6 SERVICES TOGETHER" will be organized on May 06th 2016, focusing on the sharing and discussion among experts, engineers, researchers of Vietnam ICT enterprises about the experiments, researches, and achievements in the field of IPv6 implemetation after 2 phases of the National IPv6 Action Plan.